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These characters were born as drawings, but one day, thanks to a childs' wish, they became three-dimensional. The Gugus were born, and so was their world.

Since then, through the eyes of naturalists exploring this new world, the fafa (Fanny and Fabien) have been trying to transcribe the rich and incredibly diverse Gugus universe.

But the job is huge ! Many lands and regions have yet to be explored so the map can be completed.

À propos du cuir
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Because we care about the environment and the well-being of our children, we favour organic wool and coton fabrics certified by GOTS and Oeko-tex standard 100.

In order to guarantee the safety of our products, all our soft toys are CE certified and comply with EN 71-1, 2 and 3 standards manual.


All Gugus are original and handmade.

All steps of design, prototyping and production take place in our workshop located in the countryside, in the heart of Burgundy.

It is not unusual for a flower or a cow to whisper us a good idea.

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