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Personal data protection policy

The Gugus is led to process personal data (or personal data) of its customers and visitors to its

This policy describes the operations carried out on the personal data of customers and visitors (designated after by "you" or "your"), the rights you have on your personal data, the terms of exercise, as well as Information on cookies.

The policy completes the legal notices and CGVs of our site.

We invite you to read this policy carefully and this regularly. In the event of modification of this policy you will be informed on the site.

In what cases we collect your data?

We can collect your personal data in different ways, when you create an account on our site, you order products, you browse on our site, or when you contact us by email, mail or by phone.

If we need information, due to a legal, regulatory, contractual or simply obligation in order to be able to process your request or answer you, we will report it to you.

If you do not provide this so -called "compulsory" information, we could find ourselves unable to follow up on the request or the order. The fields of a form that is not compulsory, are left at your discretion. It is up to you to choose to fill them or not.


For what needs we treat them?

We process your personal data only for the following needs (or purposes) and on the legal bases reported in italics:

As part of customer file management:

in execution of a contract for customer management by including the creation of online accounts; contract management, orders, deliveries, billing, payments, purchasing history and feedback;

In the legitimate interest of Gugus to carry out and/or promote his activity with his clients: monitoring the relationship and carrying out a satisfaction survey or other study; management of unpaids and litigation; as well as sending communication or promotion to customers; selection and analysis of customer purchase historicals to carry out loyalty actions; accounting management.

As part of requesting requests, comment management and their dissemination on the site.On the basis of the legitimate interest of Les Gugus to respond to these requests and to comply with a legal obligation when you exercise one of the rights provided for in this Policy: to respond to requests and comments sent through our site or by any other means; Follow up following these requests and comments; Management of the management of people's opinions on products, services or content.

For the measures of the audience of our site, improvement of the content and our site - on the basis of the legitimate interest of Gugus to promote our site and our products: follow -up of the route and the visitor experience on the site and the frequency of visit; Ensure that the contents of our site, our pages on social networks and our letters or answers are presented in the most effective way and adapted to the needs of customers and visitors to our site; Improvement of the quality of the site.

How long do we keep your personal data?

For each need we have determined a shelf life, in order to keep your data only for time really necessary for the need for which your personal data is processed.

Thus, as part of:

Customer file management:

For the management of your account: as long as it is active, then for 3 years from your last action (certain data relating to billing, orders, contracts will be archived during the applicable legal prescription period, that this either because of a legal obligation to keep them, or for probationary needs);

For payments: during the duration necessary for the transaction, except for payment incident in which case the data is kept during the duration necessary for the processing of the increased file of the applicable legal prescription time

The management of requests and comments: The necessary time for processing your request or commentary, then archiving during the applicable legal prescription period

Registration for the newsletter: until your unsubscription (via the unsubscribe link or by sending a request as provided for other rights: contact, email or postal form)

Site audience measures, content improvement and site: for a period of 25 months.

What are your rights and how to exercise them?

In accordance with the regulations applicable in terms of personal data protection (law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 and GDPR) and under the conditions provided for by said regulation, you have your personal rights data:

A right of access (in particular to know which personal data is processed by the Gugus)

rectification (to modify data that is not correct or more up to date)

erasure (under conditions set by the GDPR - Article 17 - such as in the event that you have opposed the processing of your data, you have withdrawn your consent, or the shelf life has come to an end)

From a right to withdraw from any given consent (when you give your consent, know that you can withdraw it at any time without having to provide reasons - example in the context of unsubscribing newsletter).

Portability (under conditions set by the GDPR - Article 20 - When the processing is linked to the execution of a contract or consent and is automated, and you wish to recover your data or have it recovered by a third party)

limitation (under conditions set by the GDPR - Article 18 - When you want the processing of your personal data to be temporarily suspended due to an event meeting the aforementioned conditions).

opposition for the treatments implemented by the Gugus on the basis of its legitimate interest such as: the management of requests)

To exercise these rights do not hesitate to contact us:

via our contact form

At email address:

903 / 5 000

What cookies for what use? ​ A cookie (or any other tracker) is a text file stored by a website on your computer or on your mobile phone, in order to collect or deposit data concerning your navigation on this site. ​ There are several typologies of cookies, such as: ​ "Techniques" whose objective is purely technical or allow you to provide you with a service that you have asked us (for example in the context of your identification with your account, when you want to be recognized when you submit a comment, followed by the basket of 'purchase) social or advertising networks cookies and in this case, your consent will be required hearing measurement cookies.

Gugus only uses the following cookies:

Technical cookies:


To follow your purchase basket (these cookies are kept for 10 days to allow you to recover a start -up basket but not finalized for example);

For the management of the newsletter (these cookies are kept for 1 day)


Advertising cookies and audience measurement:

Facebook Pixel - As part of targeted advertising services or to allow you to directly access our content on social networks (with your prior consent that you can withdraw at any time and that we will ask you after 12 months, Unless you opposed before);

audience measurement via the Google Analytics system in order to carry out statistical analyzes of our site (with your prior consent that you can withdraw at any time and that we will ask you after 2 days and 24 months, unless you You are opposed before)

At any time, you can object to the deposit of cookies and delete them.


A question or a request?

Do not hesitate to contact us :

via our contact form

by the email address:


Date: 05/23/2024

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