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FAMILY : Little Gugus

 COMMON NAME : Portepax


 They are incredibly strong despite their size, nothing is too heavy for them. If anything needs to be carried, they will handle it.

It is also said they may have caused the motion of the planets, during a titanic game of marbles.

 Every Gugus comes with an little picture card: a gugussier!

But what is a gugussier? It is a small insight into the Gugus world, that helps locate the character to wich it refers. It is also fuel for narration and imagination so parents and children can make up stories.

This Gugus is an original creation, handmade and manufactured in our workshop in France.


SKU: 0013

     From feet to antennae: 34 cm / 13.4 IN

     Waist width: 11 cm / 4.3 IN


     GOTS certified organic wool

     The details are in pure virgin wool felt certified Oeko-tex 100

     Padding: silicone wadding certified Oeko-tex standard 100 made in France


     Washing at 30°/tumble drying prohibited. Lay flat for drying.


     5 to 7 business days

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